Is Playing the Piano a Priority?

Playing the piano is NOT a priority in todays’  world. It used to be that the piano was considered to be a subject of learning, the same as school subjects. One used to see pictures of people gathered around a piano and singing. This was their entertainment for the evening. Now we have so much entertainment everywhere we look that we no longer entertain ourselves.

I just heard that Keyboard Concepts in Agoura Hills is closing. That store is in an affluent community, but obviously the piano business wasn’t coming in – by the way, if you are in the market for a piano, this would be a great time to buy. They will still have other stores, so your purchase will be protected.

Learning to play the piano has many side rewards, not only right and left side brain stimulation. I taught my grandchildren for about 3 years using SKYPE. When they went into middle school they had the opportunity to learn another instrument. They both chose the trumpet. Their music teacher told them that they were way ahead because they were able to play the piano. At this time, they are working at both trumpet and piano and my granddaughter has added the oboe. She loves and works at all three instruments.

Learning to play the piano teaches people to focus. One has to concentrate on what you are doing. It teaches you how to study and most of all it teaches patience. There are few instant rewards. One of my young students told me (with a beautiful smile on his face) that he could now play a chord which he couldn’t do 10 weeks ago. To me, I could see that he felt gratification as he was learning that it takes effort to get good.

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