Adrian Plays


Timeless pieces played on a 100 year old Steinway Baby Grand piano

The compilations below were taken from a series of intimate unedited recordings performed by Adrian Goldman, on her 100 year old Steinway Grand piano. We hope you enjoy listening to these classical pieces, just as much as Adrian enjoyed recording them for your enjoyment.

Listen to Romantic Piano

Adrian Goldman Plays Romantic Piano
Many of these pieces are old friends. Some may be new to you, and many will put you in a mood of relaxation,warmth and happiness (good for lowering blood pressure and relieving stress though not necessarily prescribed by a doctor) View

Listen to Mozart/Beethoven

Adrian Goldman Plays Mozart & Beethoven
The Mozart Sonata is Adrian’s all time favorite. It is so much fun to listen to and play. The two Beethoven Sonatas op.27 the :”Moonlight” and the op.13 the ” Pathetique” are probably the most well known and beloved pieces of piano music that Beethoven had composed. View

Listen to Chopin

Adrian Goldman Plays Chopin
These short pieces have always been special to Adrian.  Regarded by many as some of the loveliest music ever composed during the romantic era.  There is much to enjoy with this easy to listen to compilation of Chopin played by Adrian Goldman. View

Children's Favorites

Adrian Goldman Play Children’s Favorites

My aim with the children’s album is two-fold. I wanted to record an album primarily geared to children’s music, but one where parents could listen to it over and over for enjoyment. The music ranges from the Baroque period through Contemporary and is at the level that students will be able to play after perhaps six months to a year of study.  The more the student listens to the music the more it becomes a part of them and when they are ready to learn the pieces, the student will know what the music is supposed to sound like, thus making it easier for them to learn. View
Listen to Schubert

Adrian Goldman Plays Shubert
There was a great pianist named Arthur Rubenstein. As a student , I went to hear him play in concert every year. He usually played something by Schubert on the recital. He was such an inspiration that I would go home and start to practice that piece. That is how I got started on my love of Schubert. Now, I wish to share these timeless pieces by Shubert, with you. View

Listen to Grieg

Adrian Goldman Plays Grieg
Grieg is a less well known composer in the Romantic era. However, to know him is to love him, which is why I wish to share some of my favorite pieces from him. View

Piano Favorites

Adrian Goldman plays Piano Favorites
Piano Favorites is an album that includes many pieces that one might recognize from past listening experiences. These are some of my favorites;  I hope they will become yours. View