Adrian Plays Chopin

adrian plays chopin

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1.  Nocturne op.9 no.1 in b flat minor
2.  Nocturne op.72 no.1 in e minor
3.  Nocturne op.72 no.2 in D flat
4.  Mazurka op.6 no.2 in c sharp minor
5.  Mazurka op.7 no .1 in B flat
6.  Mazurka op.7 no.2 in a minor
7.  Mazurka op.7 no.3 in f minor
8.  Mazurka op.17 no.4 in a minor
9.  Mazurka op.24 no.1 in g minor
10. Mazurka op.68 no.2 in a minor
11. Mazurka op.63 no.3 in c sharp minor
12. Prelude op.28 no.4
13. Prelude op.28. no.17
14. Prelude op.45
15. Prelude op.28 no. 3

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