Adrian Plays Clementi Sonatinas


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1. no.1 Spiritoso; Andante; Rondo-vivace
2. no.2 Allegretto
3. no.2 Allegretto
4. no.3 Vivace
5. no.3 Spiritoso
6. no.3 Un poco adagio
7. no.4 Vivace
8. no.4 Con spirito
9. no.4 Andante con espressivo
10. no.4 Rondo-Allegro vivace
11. no.5 Presto
12. no.5 Air Swisse
13. no.5 Rondo-Allegro di molto
14. no.6 Allegro con spirito
15. no.6 Rondo-Allegretto spiritoso

About the Recording:

Clementi’s sonatinas are remarkable. Although his Sonatinas Op. 36 continue to be popular pedagogical pieces in piano education, they are charming examples of the early romantic period and can be enjoyed by any age. (sample track below)

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